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“Vroon does a masterful job of worldbuilding, letting readers understand the desperate situation through dialogue, slowly uncovering the crisis. Instead of having an all-knowing narrator fill in the back story, bits and pieces of it are uncovered by different characters, who often don’t have the full picture themselves.”

A reader – Frank Daugherity

“Tremendous use of dialogue – a rare gift in today’s entertainment. Remarkable skill in maintaining and advancing multiple fantasy story lines. Humor is subtle, clever and enjoyable. Creativity, color, action, and character development show a compelling capacity beyond Ian’s age and experience.”

An Amazon Reader – #5

“The tired, old fantasy tropes you are used to reading have been thrown out the window as you are immersed in an imaginative world (dominated by mushrooms, of all things!) that continues to surprise you with well-developed characters, ingenious uses of fungi, political intrigue, and a story arc that will definitely leave you thinking and … Continue reading An Amazon Reader – Andrew

An Amazon Reader – Andrew

“Reisor and his siblings wake up in Ayphae knowing nothing of their past, only that their parents sent them here so they could stop running. As they are plagued with personal bewilderment, and flashbacks of their past, they are pursued again by unknown enemies as Ayphae itself depends on them. But whose side are they … Continue reading An Amazon Reader – Ben Brown

An Amazon Reader – Ben Brown

“I thought Ayphae was a new creative world, but Vroon comes back in a second book with an even more interesting world. Brekh’cha is nothing like Ayphae! Brekh’cha is an underground land of fire and gravity shifts. The Hunter cometh in this book, and Reisor and family are no longer safe within the barriers of … Continue reading An Amazon Reader – Ben Brown

An Amazon Reader – Ben Brown

“Over the years I have read a number of fantasy books, and I was very pleased with how this book was an actual fantasy (def: the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things). Unlike many other fantasy books out there, the world the author created was unexpected, innovative, and imaginative. I never felt … Continue reading An Amazon Reader – JJS

An Amazon Reader – JJS

“One easily senses the author’s delight as he reveals the characteristics of his beloved Ayphae page by page. The joy in writing for him translates to joy in reading for us. His characters own and learn from their mistakes, and extend gratitude and forgiveness to each other in this fast-paced fantasy story. In some ways … Continue reading An Amazon Reader – John Feaver

An Amazon Reader – John Feaver

“It’s entertaining and thrilling with a delightfully intriguing setting. I really liked the story and character development. It’s characters are relatable struggling with many of the same things that you and I face with our families.”

An Amazon Reader – Stephanie Cress

“Ayphae was enthralling, exhilarating, and left me wanting more! The characters were real and made mistakes; they aren’t your everyday fantasy dragon slayers, they are a family that fights and works together to get through whatever life throws at them. When the aiethepa spore threatens the entire land of Ayphae Reisor, Dane, and Feselea team … Continue reading An Amazon Reader – Stephannie Cress

An Amazon Reader – Stephannie Cress

“Ayphae is a wonderfully imagined world that will have you geeking out about all of its beauty and mystery. Fall in love with characters that make you shake your head at their puns (while you grin,) laugh at their antics, and guess at the mystery surrounding them. This fun story will make you think about … Continue reading Kara Howell – Author of The Presence of Shadows

Kara Howell – Author of The Presence of Shadows

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