An Amazon Reader – Stephannie Cress

Ayphae was enthralling, exhilarating, and left me wanting more! The characters were real and made mistakes; they aren’t your everyday fantasy dragon slayers, they are a family that fights and works together to get through whatever life throws at them. When the aiethepa spore threatens the entire land of Ayphae Reisor, Dane, and Feselea team up with Dr. May Evelar, Nickolar Elegard, and Trey as they journey across Ayphae to Obo City. With spincar chases, tar ball shootouts, misplaced trust, old friends, new friends Ayphae will captivate you. I full-heartedly endorse this book and would suggest it as good read for all those who are lovers of fantasy and epics. Ian Vroon has created a world to be paralleled with the likes of Middle Earth by J. R. R. Tolkien, Randland by Robert Jordan, and Kiriath by Karen Hancock.

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