Tales of Brekh’cha

The Flames Chronicles – Backstory to book 2, Brekh’cha

Through winding tunnels of flame, Kel—a creature made of rock known as a geolite—surfs the molten wilds. He has no concept of time, no inkling of days or even weeks. He would be content to surf while avoiding the Flame Dragon.

But Brekh’cha is not simply the realm of geolites. Dragonflies made of magma, fiery centipedes and other creatures wander these caverns. Among them are the herodons—humanoid armadillos with rubber hides. As geolites move eastward to avoid the dragon, they encroach on herodon land.Enter Hrossar Feodon, a herodon debater’s son. He cares little for the geolites—but he does not want war. Yet as tensions escalate, he may have no choice but to fulfill his duty.

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