Book 3 – Caltswahn: Palace of Crystal Waters

The Flames Chronicles – Book 3

Reisor is supposed to be a hero—but he doesn’t even know what that is! All he knows is the desperation he feels—protecting his siblings, trying not to let everyone down—fear drives his actions. What’s the difference between desperation and heroism?

Zyal, the lovely princess of Caltswahn, can see how weak Reisor is. She has the strength to be a hero—but no one will let her. Why can’t he be more like that?

Then there’s the Master Reabehd. A hyper-intelligent squid whose tentacles stretch out for miles. He guards a treasure that, though sought by all, may be worse than death. He sees Reisor’s desperation and Zyal’s frustration as an opportunity to complete his perfect plan. For unlike the foolish schemes of mortals, the Reabehd’s plans never fail.

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