Book 2 – Brekh’cha: Dragon’s Fang

The Flames Chronicles – Book 2

Deep in Brekh’cha’s chambers of shifting gravity and magma, through winding tunnels of metal and flame, roams a dragon. But this is no ordinary dragon. It is made of fire, its breath a purple mist that becomes the bitter thoughts of those who inhale it.

Wandering through Brekh’cha are the three siblings—Reisor, Feselea and Dane—on their way to Caltswahn. They seek refuge, their lost parents—and answers to their unknown past.

But they are not alone.

The hunter Titanius is here, prowling the caverns of Brekh’cha in search of them. He knows their past, their weaknesses—and he has hired an army of mercenaries to help him. Even the residents of Brekh’cha—stone creatures called geolites—are wary of him.

Enter Siege, the techno-mercenary who laid siege to an entire castle by himself. He has an interest in the siblings and their hunter—but for what? Who is he, really? No one knows—but his actions could influence the chase. In fact, he could change everything.

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