Book 1 – Ayphae: Wild. Vibrant. Dying.

The Flames Chronicles – Book 1

Reisor woke up seven years ago with no memory. He found himself in a land of glowing flowers, mushroom houses and psychedelic spores. No one can enter or leave Ayphae—so Reisor is stuck here. He has to cope, and he has to care for his siblings…who also have no memory. They have only dreams, flashbacks—fragments of thoughts they can’t explain.

But now the land is withering. Mushrooms are crumbling to ash, trees turning to mush—and no one knows why.

Enter the aiethepa spore. This fungus grows fast and thick throughout Ayphae. No one knows what it does, and no one can open it. Some blame it for the withering—others think it will breathe life into the land.

Ayphae is all they know. But if they can’t crack this mystery, it may be the last thing they remember.

Over the years I have read a number of fantasy books, and I was very pleased with how this book is an actual fantasy (def: the faculty or activity of imagining impossible or improbable things). Unlike many other fantasy books out there, the world the author created is unexpected, innovative, and imaginative.

A reader – JJS

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