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Reisor woke up seven years ago with no memory. He found himself in a land of glowing flowers, mushroom houses and psychedelic spores. No one can enter or leave Ayphae—so Reisor is stuck here. He has to cope, and he has to care for his siblings…who also have no memory. They have only dreams, flashbacks—fragments of thoughts they can’t explain.

Available on Amazon

Mushrooms that fly, spin, or stomp in a beat. Flowers that light up in ripples. A land where farming is the highest occupation and caterers are celebrities. Welcome to Ayphae. All events and characters in Ayphae find their beginnings here.

On the day after the three siblings woke up in Ayphae, Feselea started keeping a journal. Ever wonder what those seven years were like? 

Vroon does a masterful job of letting readers understand the desperate situation through dialogue, slowly uncovering the crisis. Instead of having an all-knowing narrator fill in the back story, bits and pieces of it are uncovered by different characters, who often down’ have the full picture themselves. It’s an adventure. It’s an education. It’s worth your while. Well done, Mr Vroon!

A reader – Frank Daugherity

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