Am I a YA Author?

Many people have asked me, “What is your target audience? What is the age range?” I’ve responded, “Adult. I deal with complex concepts, and most of my stories are centered around people.” Ian's Amazon Author Page And yet many of my plot implements and themes seem oddly childish. Not because I make them that way—and … Continue reading Am I a YA Author?

My Top 10 Board Games

I love board games. They’re a huge part of who I am. I used to play complex board games with myself for hours on end, perfectly content (my win-loss ratio was impressive). I would even redesign board games—and sometimes I would just invent my own board game from scratch. Immersing myself in an in-depth strategy … Continue reading My Top 10 Board Games

Mission to Canada – we’re back!

And so we return from Canada. Five days of intense vacation Bible school, listening ears and forged relationships. The kids were sad to see us go at the end, and the feeling was mutual. I felt more confident this year than in previous trips. The Cree native village where Nicole and I ministered—Stanley Mission—usually has … Continue reading Mission to Canada – we’re back!

Mission to Canada

Every summer, I go to a Cree Indian reservation in Canada. This year will be the second time my wife Nicole joins me. We do this because, like everyone, the people there need Jesus. The wealth of his love for them is unseen—if we don’t go, who will? The kids love us too. They come … Continue reading Mission to Canada

My Publishing Journey

One day I decided I would be an author. I think I was fifteen. I knew I loved to write, and that people liked the stories I told. For some naïve reason, I thought this is what the bulk of publishing meant. Now I realize that publishing is also about 1,000 little details regarding things … Continue reading My Publishing Journey