Detective Pikachu • Review

It’s high time they made a live-action Pokémon movie, we said. It’s high time they brought the creatures we love onto the big screen in a spectacular way. Then Warner Bros. took up the project, and we all flinched. Suddenly the doubts came flooding in. Is it really high time to ruin this franchise? What … Continue reading Detective Pikachu • Review

Risen – First and Only Movie of its Kind

The crucifixion and resurrection were spectacular. 10/10. I especially love the twist at the end where Jesus rises from the dead. God directs the best nonfiction masterpieces. Wait, this is supposed to be a review of the 2016 movie “Risen”—starring Joseph Fiennes and directed by Kevin Reynolds (The Count of Monte Cristo, 2002), which made … Continue reading Risen – First and Only Movie of its Kind

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