Why Mushrooms?

Some of you might be wondering—why did I choose mushrooms for Ayphae’s theme? I could have built Ayphae around anything…and I chose fungi. Toadstools, yeast, mold, endophytes—they’re all central to the realm of Ayphae. Now some of you hate mushrooms. Some of you find them weird. I love mushrooms. But why do I love them? … Continue reading Why Mushrooms?

Tales of Ayphae -A Sneak Peek

Tales of Ayphae is a series of short stories leading up to the events in Ayphae. You can read it before or after you read Ayphae—both books stand alone! It gives backstory information on three crucial characters and provides you with a timeline leading up to Ayphae. I’d also like to think it’s an entertaining … Continue reading Tales of Ayphae -A Sneak Peek