Reisor took a seat, adjusting himself on the wooden bleacher. The bleachers were set up in a circle inside the giant tent—and right in the center, a stage gleamed under the glow of shroomlamps. Dane would perform there any minute. Reisor clenched and unclenched his fists, swallowing. It would be fine…it would be just fine. … Continue reading Siblings

Mission to Canada

Every summer, I go to a Cree Indian reservation in Canada. This year will be the second time my wife Nicole joins me. We do this because, like everyone, the people there need Jesus. The wealth of his love for them is unseen—if we don’t go, who will? The kids love us too. They come … Continue reading Mission to Canada

Words I Abhor – Vol 1

We all have words we detest. Some of our lexicon is simply abominable. I have my own share of vocabulary I abhor—unfairly or not—and it’s my pious pleasure and pedantic privilege to share those words with you now. Enjoy, plebes. Rectify • This word may seem perfectly fine by itself. Unfortunately, it bears a remarkable … Continue reading Words I Abhor – Vol 1

Detective Pikachu • Review

It’s high time they made a live-action Pokémon movie, we said. It’s high time they brought the creatures we love onto the big screen in a spectacular way. Then Warner Bros. took up the project, and we all flinched. Suddenly the doubts came flooding in. Is it really high time to ruin this franchise? What … Continue reading Detective Pikachu • Review

Why Mushrooms?

Some of you might be wondering—why did I choose mushrooms for Ayphae’s theme? I could have built Ayphae around anything…and I chose fungi. Toadstools, yeast, mold, endophytes—they’re all central to the realm of Ayphae. Now some of you hate mushrooms. Some of you find them weird. I love mushrooms. But why do I love them? … Continue reading Why Mushrooms?

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