Wrath of the Flame Dragon

I'm excited about my next book, Tales of Brekh'cha. The backstory of its land and characters are introduced and developed. Take a look at Chapter One. -Ian “Kel!” Dad was calling. Kel didn’t care. He wanted to stay and keep looking. Running his stone fingers over his chair, his desk…taking in the room he’d grown … Continue reading Wrath of the Flame Dragon

Encountering the Dragon in Brekh’cha

A’a. That’s what Sai called it. Dane crawled from one ebon rock to another, gritting his teeth. This stuff was nasty sharp. He’d slipped earlier and cut his leg a little. Now he wished he was wearing gloves, because even gripping these things for support was like holding the wrong end of a knife. “You … Continue reading Encountering the Dragon in Brekh’cha

Am I a YA Author?

Many people have asked me, “What is your target audience? What is the age range?” I’ve responded, “Adult. I deal with complex concepts, and most of my stories are centered around people.” Ian's Amazon Author Page And yet many of my plot implements and themes seem oddly childish. Not because I make them that way—and … Continue reading Am I a YA Author?

My Top 10 Board Games

I love board games. They’re a huge part of who I am. I used to play complex board games with myself for hours on end, perfectly content (my win-loss ratio was impressive). I would even redesign board games—and sometimes I would just invent my own board game from scratch. Immersing myself in an in-depth strategy … Continue reading My Top 10 Board Games

Why I Wrote Ayphae

So what could possibly compel me to write a world full of mushrooms? Well, I love mushrooms. That’s a start. Then there’s the concept of purpose. Purpose is a big deal in life—it brings meaning and identity to us. It has to be supplied by external factors (like a deity), or it’s just a meaningless … Continue reading Why I Wrote Ayphae

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