People need purpose to have identity, and identity to have purpose.

Ian Vroon, author of Ayphae

Hi. I’m Ian. I’m a complex, quirky kind of guy. I’d also like to think I’m hilarious. And somewhere out there, a lot of people think so too. (I’m sure I’ll meet them someday.)

But I want more. I want depth—something real that actually matters. I can find the funny in everything, but I want real purpose—meaning—at the end of the day.

I’d like to think other people are looking for that too. Maybe people like you. Haven’t you ever thought of what more there is in life? If it’s just a grind, it doesn’t matter. Real purpose comes from something outside yourself—not the meaningless tasks we assign ourselves.

So where does my journey begin?

I began by searching the Scriptures for meaning. When I was 8, my favorite book of the Bible was Ecclesiastes. “Meaningless! Everything is meaningless!” says the teacher. I could relate. In my search for objective meaning, I wondered, “What is the point of anything?” I realized that without a purpose-giver, there is no purpose.

So I set my mind to seek God, the author of meaning.

When I was 15ish, I wrote the first chapter of a book—and I loved it! So did my family, friends and teacher. I thought, “Hey, maybe writing’s the way!” I could make people think through writing, and I could paint with words. Pieces of art in the making.

I also found that I really like making people laugh and be happy. At first I wondered what possible importance this could have in the grand scheme of things. After all, happiness takes a back-burner to real meaning, right? But we’re meant for joy and relationship. And when I saw the people who’d been touched by entertainment, who’d found a connection, I realized that merely bringing a smile to someone’s face also brought a smile to God’s face. By making imaginative worlds and giving it my all, I was painting a beautiful portrait of God’s creativity.

So what did I do with this knowledge? I said, “Hey, I should write full-time!” No, that’s not the title of a new psychological thriller in which the main character insists he’s not crazy while everyone else tells him he is. (It could be though.) I’ve had the support of family, friends and my beloved wife along the way—and most of all, the blessing of my God.

Science fascinates me, and I incorporate it heavily into my fantasy worlds. I also love philosophy—and since I hate going with the crowd, I resolve to take the reader on a journey of questioning and suspense, watching the characters struggle with interpreting and reacting to unfolding events.

I have to admit—I don’t just think out of the box. I don’t even know where the box is. I think a few years ago I saw a sign with an arrow saying “the box,” but I just shrugged and moved on. Since then, I’ve devoted my time to taking a sledgehammer to boxes when I see them.

So join me on my writing journey! Hop on my train and ride it off a cliff—cause that’s where we’re going! But hey, at least you’ll enjoy the ride.

Welcome to my universe!

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