Words I Abhor – Vol 2

Today I grace you with more words that displease me. Beware, all who use these words—you might elicit a disapproving glare!

As usual, it’s my pious pleasure and pedantic privilege to share those words with you now. Enjoy volume 2, plebes.

Pulchritudinous • This word just means “physically beautiful.” But can you really see someone using it? Imagine a man walking into a bar, adjusting his sunglasses with a smirk—and telling a girl, “Hey babe, you’re pretty pulchritudinous.”

She’d probably slap him.

That sums up how I feel about this word.

Wrongness • This one is the height of wrongness. And to my sincerest dismay, it is actually a word in the dictionary.

No, not American in origin. Perfectly valid. You could use this in scrabble. You could even use it at a fancy party. You’ll still sound like an idiot—but that’s a hazard of speaking.

Badness • Can we rectify these bad words? Irregardless, the wrongness of certain words indubitably sharpens their badness—yet they are pulchritudinous if you squint at them.

Now I need to wash my mouth out with soap.


That’s three more of them. (Tucks away inner curmudgeon) See you next time!


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