Purple! Really?

So my wife was looking over Ayphae the other day and noticed the yeast marshes were violet. She made a note:

“Not everything has to be purple, you know.”

I was shocked. Everything purple? What was she talking about? I most certainly do not overuse purple. I just have it here and there—right?

Nicole went on to say it’s secretly my favorite color—but it’s not even close!

I like red. Red is great.

So we were editing Ayphae together and decided to do a word search on purple. After all, Nicole keeps teasing me on it. Fine—let’s see how much I use it.

Little random things were described as purple. A couch in one scene was purple for some reason. A sack someone was using was purple. Yes, a purple sack. Why, I don’t know.

Do I love the color purple? Is it secretly my adoration? Or do I just pick it as a sort of random color that seems weird and imaginative because I’m afraid of overusing other colors?

Maybe it’s a combination. I’ll never know.

I also had pinkish-purple mist, purple roofs for houses, purple mushrooms, purple platforms, a dragon made of purple flame and the aforementioned lovely purple marshes. Somehow I left out purple potatoes and a purple stew.

It was clear I have a problem.

What’s odd is that in the book I’m writing now (Caltswahn will be third in the Flames Chronicles series, following Ayphae and Brekh’cha), purple has yet to come up. Or maybe it has, and I’m just not aware of it. It’s subconscious. Purple will always be in the back of my mind…lurking.

Eh, who knows. At least there’s no purple here, right?


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